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What Building Owners don’t know about HVAC that could hurt the bottom line

All building owners know that their HVAC systems are a critical component to the function and comfort of the building they own.  What many owners might not know is that these systems may have a more limited life than they expected.

Since the 1990’s HVAC systems have used R-22 as a cooling agent inside the compressor.  This material is a gas that is known to the EPA to deplete the ozone.  Due to the damaging effects of this gas, the EPA has moved to discontinue their use by limiting its production and eventually eliminating production and imports of the gas.

January 1, 2020 R-22 will no longer be produced in this country and it will no longer be imported.  So what is an owner to do?

Heartland Real Estate Business interviewed two industry experts about what building owners need to expect and how they need to plan.  Please read the full article here


The first step in preparing for this transition away from HVAC equipment using R-22 is to reach out to your building or facilities manager.    While reviewing options and your equipment, management can help formulate a plan for a smooth transition that will help limit costly repairs.


Lackey, J., & Lee, K. (2016, December). Managing The HVAC Dilemma. Heartland Real Estate Business, 15(4), 16-17.

Posted by: Doris Colson on October 9, 2017
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