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Signage Changes Affect Visibility of Commercial Properties

The City of Park Ridge has had a Sign Task Force in place working to revise the city’s current sign code. The task force made many significant changes to the existing sign code. Some of these changes may directly affect your business or property.   These changes could potentially cost thousands of dollars to small businesses in Park Ridge.

The proposed modifications to the sign code were sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review. After Planning and Zoning reviews these changes, public meetings for input will be held on the proposed changes. You may want to read through the sign code and appear at these Planning and Zoning Meetings to voice your concerns about the changes to the code.


Significant changes that may affect your business or property are:


Section 14.6 Revocability- All permitted signs are revocable by the city even under prior approval.

Section 14.11 Part C –Ground Pole Signs- Limits to sign size, height and minimum property setback

Section 14.12 Part A- Bulletin Boards- Limits to sign sizes.

Section 14.16-18 – Nonconforming Signs, Unlawful Signs, and Amortization of Nonconforming Signs.

The above sections are only a few of the significant changes that will affect many businesses in town. If you have a sign on your property in Park Ridge that doesn’t comply with the new sign code you will be affected. The new code removes “grandfathered” signs from being compliant. This means your existing sign that is out of compliance with the new code will need to be removed at your expense. Then you will need to apply for a new sign permit and install a new sign, also at your expense, at the city’s discretion.

You may find Planning and Zoning Commission members, Aldermen and the new sign code at the below websites. The city will listen to the public voice, but it needs to be heard. -Planning & Zoning -Aldermen -Proposed Sign Code

Posted by: Doris Colson on October 3, 2017
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