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McLennan Achieves Ownership Milestone

McLennan Company, a prominent Chicagoland – Greater O’Hare area commercial Real Estate firm was established in 1912 – by a young immigrant Scottish bricklayer.  The Company  is now celebrating two important milestones, the fourth generation of family ownership and its Centennial year of operation.

The company provides brokerage, sales and leasing, building management and investment services to multiple ownership groups, for properties occupied by hundreds of tenants containing thousands of square feet of buildings, spread out between Northwest Chicagoland, the Greater O’Hare region, and Northern Illinois.

“The first 100 years” comments James D. McLennan, the company President, “required a pioneering spirit, a reading of the many cultural shifts accurately, then aligning our projects with the new realities with surefootedness.   Discerning long lasting building concepts and uses versus the trendy, soon to be obsolete, designs was essential”.

Growing past the original 5,000 houses built, the company progressed into apartment buildings, store buildings, offices, and, upon the arrival of O’Hare airport in our back yard, the new thrust  included business and industrial parks.  In the early sixties McLennan pioneered the first fully fireproof multi-storied apartment units and early condominiums, both in Park Ridge.

“Adaptability has been the key ingredient in these long years of remaining viable and vital”, reports McLennan.  “A big factor was choosing likable, dedicated people to implement the company’s vision with skill and competence”.

Company records show nearly 500 valued employees are part of its rich alumni with a tenure of more than 15 years each for many seasons.  These were solid, hardworking, citizens and neighbors who crafted their futures and the company’s objectives in tandem.

From the very earliest years, our history, while recorded in bricks and mortar, really shows a large roster of pleased, highly loyal, and well served customers.  Some of the relationships with other family groups, who were led by McLennan into well located desirable building ownership, go back 40 and 50 years and still exist today.

The future is brighter and more unlimited than ever before.  In the years ahead, the people of McLennan Company will continue to apply their skills, experience, and resources to the business they know best.  The company will continue its organized growth, and it will continue to keep its fingers on the pulse of all the markets it serves.

Posted by: Doris Colson on October 3, 2017
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